Profitable growth while considering customer needs

Strategy for the strategy period 2018–2020:

In the restaurant segment, the cornerstones of the strategy is: profitable growth is driven from customer growth centres organically, through new establishments, and via corporate acquisitions. The productivity of the existing business will be improved by investing more into customer service, corporate sales, marketing and employee engagement. Cost efficiency will continue to play a key role in managing the operations. Restamax’s goal is to expand its restaurant business abroad during 2018.

In the labour hire segment, the strategic cornerstones are the acquisition of new customers, the continued development of existing business and profitable growth through business acquisitions. New service models will be developed in accordance with the growing and diversifying staffing needs of different customer groups. Another strategic focus is investing into the availability of labour with different cooperative parties.

The Group’s goal is to keep EBITDA at a good level that is better than the average level of the sector in both segments. The aim is to increase EBIT margin in both segments. The company will endeavour to increase dividend payments every year.

Profit guidance (as of 6 November 2018):

In accordance with its strategy, Restamax estimates the Group’s turnover to increase and profitability (as measured by EBITDA) to remain at a good level in both segments in the 2018 financial period. The restaurant segment is expected to reach a turnover of over MEUR 200, and in labour hire, a turnover of approximately MEUR 125 is expected, the total turnover being some MEUR 310 after eliminations.

Restamax will further specify its long-term financial targets during the 2018 financial period.


To be Finland’s biggest company providing high quality restaurant experiences and for the company to have the best restaurants for its target groups in Finland’s biggest cities.


To develop interesting new restaurants and concepts for all target groups.


Our operations and decisions are steered by our entrepreneurial approach, profitable growth, quickness, quality, courage and passion.

Restamax Plc has more than 20 years’ experience in the restaurant business. The company’s roots date back to 1996.

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